Tennis bets

The basic principle of tennis was simple right from the start: a ball is hit back and can only land on the floor at most once. It could be played by two or four players, depending on the participants is still divided into “women’s singles”, “women’s doubles”, “men’s singles”, “men’s doubles” or “mixed”. Originally the sport originated from England, but was already played in France in the 14th century, and gradually it spread worldwide. Only in the 20th century tennis became a professional sport.

The goal remained the same: to gain more points than the opponent. A player scores a point when the tennis ball is played from one side of the court to the other. The ball may only hit once on half of a field.

You must play over an obstacle, traditionally a net through which both halves of the field are separated. A point is awarded if the opponent was unable to hit back the ball under the rules. A tennis game, often referred to as a “match”, is composed of several sentences. Usually three sentences, of which two are to be won. This is usually the way the tennis amateurs play. In tennis professional games, it is generally played on the principle that three out of five sets are won. On an amateur basis everyone can play tennis in clubs or clubs.

For professionals, the international tournaments are interesting: the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals), the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) and the ITF (International Tennis Federation) annually host several world-renowned tournaments. In tournaments of ATP and WTA, players earn points that are the basis of calculating the place of the players on the world rankings. The annual professional tours organized by ATP and WTA form the framework for most professional matches. Exceptions are the so-called “Grand Slam Tournaments”, which are held by the ITF, such as the Australian Open or Wimbledon. Some team competitions are also well known: the ITF organizes the annual Davis Cup, a men’s national team competition. Three out of five sets must be won, three singles and a double are played. The teams are divided into groups and play in different rounds against each other.

The ATP organizes annually the World Team Cup: Eight national men’s teams play, one with a wild card, the others get their eligibility by adding the positions of their players in the world rankings. Also annually takes place the Fed Cup of the WTA. Its structure is similar to the Davis Cup. Also interesting is the Hopman Cup: eight national teams can participate in this tournament. The focus is on the game “mixed”, recognizable that each match a men’s singles, a women’s singles and a mixed are played.

For many spectators, the most interesting thing about sports is the outcome of the previously set sports bets. Presumably, it is now known to most: The existing in various German cities private sports betting offices are illegal according to German gambling law. The only legal option is the Oddset sports betting. However, betting enthusiasts can also use online betting offices, which usually have their headquarters abroad. They are like sand on the sea, so here are just a few known examples to be named: known and so far successful are about Interwetten, Betsson or BWIN.

Thanks to the wonderful invention of the search engines, anyone can easily compare online the various offers of the betting shops themselves. In the field of tennis bets, depending on the offer of the bookmakers, the following bets are possible: Within the framework of “long-term bets” bets can be made on the results of future tournaments, for example the winner of a Grand Slam tournament. For example, “single bets” may be made on results of individual matches in an ATP or WTA tour tournament. There may also be “special bets”, for example, to place on the rank of a player in the world rankings.