Forecasts for Sport

Success in sports betting is directly related to quality analytics. The portal publishes daily sports forecasts from experts of the expert level. We share with you useful information, thereby increasing the chances of winning in betting with the bookmaker. All forecasts posted on the site are offered free of charge and are available to every player.

Sports forecasts from professionals

The average amateur football or other popular sport believes that his knowledge is enough for the correct prediction of events. A pair of successful start bets can convince him of his own analytical skills. However, at the distance such self-confidence turns into regular losses and loss of a deposit.

Professional analysts who develop the best predictions for sports practice a completely different approach. The loud name of the team can mean absolutely nothing when making a forecast. It is based on a deep and comprehensive analysis of large volumes of information. Experts Online-Bookmakers:

  • process statistical information from sources inaccessible to the mass user;
  • use their own database of statistics accumulated over many years of analytical work;
  • collect data to build an accurate xG model (expected goals), which allows you to accurately determine the quality of the game teams at the current stage;
  • analyze seasonal features of national championships, individual indicators of athletes;
  • take into account the nature of the movement coefficients in the lines of bookmakers.

An expert approach to predicting sports events at times increases the permeability of bets. A huge percentage of information, on the basis of which forecasts are made, is simply invisible to the ordinary sports fan. And professional analysts objectively evaluate all the quality indicators of rivals, leaving aside the emotional component.

Are there any guarantees for our sports forecasts?

“A free forecast is free because it is useless.” So many inexperienced betters believe, ready to give their money for paid analytics, which, at best, were copied from a free source, and at worst – just taken “from the ceiling.” Their opinion is fundamentally wrong.

In fact, the free prediction of how every beginner needs air. For a beginner, expert opinion will be extremely useful. Studying the recommended forecasts, he will compare them with his own calculations and gradually gain the experience necessary for successful betting.

Advanced players also often use tips from our portal experts. In case of frequent betting on sports, betters often get an eye on themselves, which negatively affects the objectivity of forecasts. And a qualified opinion from the side in such cases will be very useful.

Even professional cappers pay tribute to free online forecasts from our analysts. After all, the more authoritative opinions were taken into consideration, the higher the probability of making a winning bid.

Experts of Online-Bookmakers have been working in the field of rates since 2001, which clearly confirms their vast experience – both in theory and in the practice of forecasting sports events. As a base for the construction of analytical calculations used an extensive database of statistical data accumulated over the years. In addition, our website employs experts with a narrow specialization, who focus on working with certain sports. Each analyst is responsible for his segment, which provides high rates of recommended rates.

A warning! It should be understood that even the highest-quality forecast, based on an in-depth analysis of statistical and other significant data, cannot serve as a guarantee of a 100% pass rate. You need to rely on profit in the long term, as well as maintain a competent bankroll management strategy. Make bets, adequately assessing the possible consequences, and do not play in bookmaker offices for borrowed funds.