“Ferguson almost killed me”: ex-star Manchester United remembered the unforgettable penalty that cost the team victory

Former Manchester United midfielder Luis Nani remembered the Premier League game against Fulham in 2010 in which he became an antihero.

In that game with a score of 2: 1 in favor of the “devils” Nani did not score a penalty and at the end of the game Fulham scored a saving goal. The game ended in a draw.

“That penalty would hit Ryan Giggs, who had already gone to the point, but I asked permission to take the hit because I was very confident. I didn’t score, but Ryan didn’t say a word to me.

After the game, Ferguson almost killed me in the dressing room. “Who gave you the right to hit? Ryan, why did you give him the ball? ” Giggs replied, “He took it himself, so I allowed it.” The coach was very angry. After that game, I offered to give him a ride home because we lived nearby. Ferguson agreed, but was silent all the time.

However, this incident did not affect my attitude to Ferguson. When I first arrived I was afraid of him but then learned English and realized what a great person he is, “Nani AS quoted.

Recall that Nani played for Manchester United from 2007 to 2015. He became the four-time champion of England and won the Champions League. He also played for Sporting, Fenerbahce, Valencia and Lazio and signed a contract with Orlando City in 2019.

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