Champions League bets

As with all other football matches, also for the games of the football Champions League sports bets are possible. For all matches that take place in the Football Champions League are offered by betting offices on the Internet football bets and bet types such as multi-bets. These offer particularly high chances of winning because they represent a combination of several single bets, and with a correct tip a multiplication of the individual profit quotas takes place. Bookmakers such as BWin or Betsson offer in their sportsbook portals corresponding football bets on the Internet.

Since 1992, the Football Champions League exists, this is a competition of men’s football teams across Europe under the supervision of UEFA. 32 football teams in Europe can play in the final round of the Football Champions League. The selection of the participating teams will be made by UEFA, taking into account a country key reflecting the results of each team’s last five years’ matches. So 16 specific football teams get a permanent seat in the Football Champions League. The winner of last season’s Football Champions League is always nominated in the current Football Champions League. This regulation has been in force since the beginning of the 1999/2000 football season.

The 32 football teams will be divided into eight groups of four teams each. The winning team of each group and the runner-up team go one round and continue to play in four groups of four teams each for the victory in the Football Champions League. The third placed teams of each group will be relegated to the UEFA Europa League, and the teams that have lost the group matches will have to disembark. The winners and runners-up of each group then reach the quarter-finals. The playoffs are played in each group in round-trip games. If, after the last decisive group match, there is a tie between the two teams, the group winner will always be determined according to the following criteria. Note the total number of goals scored and the number of scores compared. The team with the better goal difference will be the group winner.

After the group matches are over, the final round follows. This consists of eighth, quarter, semi-final and the final game also back in the first and second leg in the knockout process. A peculiarity of the Football Champions League is that in the now taking place in the first knockout round no teams may play against each other, who have also competed in the preliminary round matches against each other. With the start of the games in the quarterfinals, this regulation is repealed. If a player has received three yellow cards, he is automatically banned from playing in the next round. A referee’s dismissal will generally also result in suspension for at least the next match.

As usual everywhere in football, winning the Football Champions League will be decided in the final. This is done by adding up all the goals from the return match. If a tie is reached, the team with the most away goals is the winning team. If this regulation also does not result in a winning team, an extension of the final of twice 15 minutes of playing time must be played. Should it happen that there is still a tie by that time, the final will decide a penalty shootout. The final always takes place on a neutral football field, so that none of the two teams that have reached the final home advantage has.

The corresponding football pitch will be determined by UEFA before the start of the Football Champions League. As of 2010, these stadiums will not only have to be rated as 5-star stadiums by UEFA, but will also have to accommodate at least 70,000 spectators. The Real Madrid team will be the record holder for winning the Football Champions League. So far, this Spanish team has won the title nine times. As German teams, FC Bayern M√ľnchen have already been victorious four times in the Champions League and have won, with Hamburger SV and Borussia Dortmund winning once each.

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