Bookmakers for live bets

Live betting in bookmakers is very different from prematch. They are more profitable and risky, they require certain skills and knowledge. With luck, you can multiply the bank with minimal risk to get a sanction from the BC. Suitable bookmakers for live betting must meet several requirements. Consider them below. And now we offer to get acquainted with our top.

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Criteria for ranking

The main question that arises for most novice players is what requirements the best bookmaker office should meet for live bets. In compiling our rating, we used a number of criteria:


The client must be sure that after winning, he will receive his money without any problems.

Speed ​​of work

Some bookmakers accept live bets almost instantly, others complete the design within a few minutes.

Availability of a mobile site and applications for various gadgets

Many players prefer to bet not from stationary computers and laptops, but from smartphones or tablets. Mobile sites and applications consume minimal resources and allow you to bid at any time.

Access to bets

With the change in gaming legislation, the market situation has changed. Sites of many bookmakers are blocked, and access to them is somewhat difficult. The best bookmakers for live, included in the rating, must provide uninterrupted access to the bets, otherwise the client simply will not be able to deliver at the right time.

Availability of online broadcasts

Good bookmakers playing on live betting offer live broadcasts of top matches and text or graphic broadcasts of less significant competitions.

Live-rates in BC: choose a sport and strategy

The most popular discipline for sports betting is football. For this sport, there are hundreds of working strategies, using which you can earn good money. All online bookmakers who accept live betting work with football.

Among the players are popular strategy football bet on statistics. First of all, on the corner. The losing favorite seeks to recoup and begins to actively attack. Consequently, the probability of angular increases.

Compared to football, hockey is more effective, and 5-6 goals scored per game is far from the limit. Here you can bet on the outcome of the entire match, as well as for individual periods. From the point of view of experts, you can make a live-bet on a draw in a separate period. If the bet loses in the first period, we look at the odds, if necessary, change the amount of the bet and bet on a draw in the second period. You can also put on a goal at the end of the game. The losing team often removes the goalkeeper and displays a field player on the ice. At this point, at least one goal is often scored.

In tennis, most live tactics are associated with games. For example, the favorite loses the first point in his submission, and the coefficient on his submission increases. At the same time, he still remains a favorite. Conclusion – you can bet.

In any case, the main work is carried out before the start of the match. The player must decide in advance on the match, check the availability of the online broadcast, open the sites of several bookmakers if necessary, clarify the statistics and data on the athletes.