Bookmakers for e-sports betting

E-sports competitions are competitions in network computer games. Dota 2, League of Legends, World of Tanks and other popular games can be distinguished among the main eSports disciplines. The best bookmakers for betting on eSports usually accept bets on all major world tournaments, including The International, DreamHack, Starladder and many others. Along with traditional bookmakers, online cyber sports bookmakers also accept bets on online games. They offer an extended line of rates, detailed painting, but they are quite rare and do not have an official license.

Criteria for choosing a bookmaker for e-sports bets

Along with the standard criteria for selecting a bookmaker office – reliability, availability, the presence of the Russian-language interface and support services, the following factors also influence the top best bookmakers in eSports:

Availability of popular e-sports disciplines and matches

If eSports is not one of the activities of the bookmaker, the company may occasionally put up matches of the world championship level.

Odds for eSports

Odds for eSports events are often lower than for popular football or hockey matches. This is due to the relatively small popularity of eSports compared to the same football.

Should I bet on e-sports in bookmakers?

Every day in the online bookmaker offices are several thousand bets on eSports events. Yes, in comparison with football, this is a drop in the ocean. But these are several thousand players who can make a profit for themselves and the bookmaker’s.

At the same time, dozens of new players appear every day. And there are no prerequisites for the fact that this is a temporary phenomenon.

There are several reasons for such popularity of e-sports competitions:


Many players prefer to watch not for “live” competitions, but for computer games. With the development of technical progress and the games themselves, such people become more and more.


In traditional football or hockey stakes, there are many factors to consider: the player’s health, injuries, mood, field coverage, weather and other features of a single match. There are no such problems in betting on e-spores.

The definition of a favorite

Cybersport is only gaining popularity as a sports discipline, and as a sports betting. Each team that participates in major competitions is already known. Sometimes there are “dark horses” that show a great game and beat potential favorites, but in eSports this is quite rare.

Types of e-sports bets

In each game there can be unique types of bets, designed specifically for this e-sports discipline. However, some types of bets are common to most games.

  • Exodus. The player must choose the winner of the competition. In some games, a draw is allowed.
  • First Blood (first blood). Which team will commit the first kill.
  • Total and individual total kills – the number of murders in a battle, round or on a separate map. Calculated for both teams or for one of them.
  • Total time – the duration of a round or match.
  • Total rounds – the number of rounds in the match.
  • Entering the next stage or winning the tournament – the player must determine the winner of the stage or the competition as a whole.

When choosing a bookmaker for e-sports betting, do not be too lazy to learn the rules of each office. In the future, this will avoid conflicts. For example, if a team loses a connection and it goes out of the match, some BC return the money, some make out the defeat of the outgoing team.