Bonuses bookmakers

Bookmaker bonuses are one of the most pressing issues for players, since all sorts of promotional and bonus programs offer a chance to earn or win a valuable prize, as well as make a variety of betters on weekdays. In this section, collected the best bonuses from leading online bookmakers to help players win more and make their game more interesting.

How do bonuses work? What are the types?

You should start with the fact that bonuses in bookmaker offices are provided for a specific action, which is stipulated in the terms of the bonus or promotional program. This can be both registration and betting on the established rules in the framework of a special offer.

After fulfilling the requirements specified by the bookmaker, the player receives a bonus. Depending on the bookmaker’s office and program conditions, it can be credited both to the main account and to the bonus account.

Extremely rarely received bonus funds become available for withdrawal. In most cases, you need to cash out a bonus – to fulfill the conditions of wagering. After that, bonus money is converted into real money and can be used for further bets or withdrawn to a card / electronic wallet.

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There is a very large number of varieties of bonuses in bookmaker offices, as each operator has the right to invent and offer any bonus programs. But if you simplify everything as much as possible, then there are two types of bonuses:

  • First Deposit Bonus – available on first deposit. The player receives a certain percentage of the deposit in the form of a bonus. For example, in the Pari-Match bonus is 100% up to 2500 rubles.
  • The freebet bonus is a free bet at which the player receives only a net win, while the bonus amount itself is burned after the bet has been calculated. Such a bonus is present, for example, in Marathonbet.

A more attractive option is freebet, since in this case the player does not risk anything, and to fulfill the conditions you just need to place a bet on certain conditions.

Why do bookmakers give bonuses?

It’s no secret that the bookmaker business is very profitable, and this leads to the emergence of dozens of new bookmakers every year. At the same time, existing companies rarely close, at worst, they are absorbed by strong market players.

Consequently, the number of bookmakers is steadily increasing, and despite the fact that there are more people willing to make a bet every year, bookmakers are finding it harder and harder to win customers. And bonuses are one of those arguments that can convince Better to make a choice in favor of a particular BC.

There are online bookmakers who do not provide bonuses and do not hold promotions, but their share is no more than 5% of all bookmakers in the world, and they usually take due to high odds or other strong advantages. The remaining 95% give bonuses that can be divided into two types:

For new players – rewards for betters who have just registered. This is a first deposit bonus, freebies and more. Such welcome bonus programs are launched with the aim of attracting a client, forcing him to register and make a deposit.

For regular players – incentives for previously registered betters, provided with the aim of keeping the customer or, in other words, not letting go to competitors. These are all sorts of promotions, jackpots, the same freebies, loyalty programs.

Bookmakers want to attract new players and keep already registered, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, before agreeing to participate in a particular bonus / promotion program, you need to know some of the nuances, which will be discussed in more detail later.

What you need to know before getting bonuses?

Before taking part in any bonus or promotional program, you need to carefully study the terms and conditions of the offer on the website of the bookmaker office. This is necessary, first of all, in order to understand how to get and play the bonus. There are always certain nuances, the ignorance of which can play a cruel joke with a better. In addition, in some cases there may be restrictions and obligations for players.

Warning from the editors: some bookmakers may limit the withdrawal of funds at the time of playing the bonus or require putting down the amount of the deposit a certain number of times, not bonus funds. Therefore, carefully read the rules of bonus offers before agreeing to the conditions and get a bonus.

It is also important to ensure that you can get a bonus. Sometimes you can find restrictions for a number of countries and ways to deposit funds. Thus, in foreign bookmakers, the first deposit bonus is often not available to those who deposit through Neteller and Moneybookers.

Keep in mind that one person has the right to receive only one bonus, if the other is not spelled out in the rules of the bookmaker office. If the bookmaker convicts you of multi-accounting, it can cancel the bonus accrual, which is usually indicated in the rules of the bookmaker companies. In addition, to participate in bonus programs, it is almost always necessary to complete a profile in your account.

Can I withdraw bonus money?

There are bonuses that can be withdrawn immediately after the accrual. But in most cases, especially when it comes to first deposit bonuses and freebies, bonus funds become available for withdrawal only after the wagering conditions are fulfilled.

When withdrawing the bonus, the bookmaker may require documents for identification. This is a normal and safe procedure, which players need to be afraid of, if, of course, you are 18 years old and you have not violated anything.

After the player fulfills the conditions, wins the bonus, he will be able to freely dispose of bonus funds, which are converted into real money – withdraw or place bets.