Belgium has postponed the vote for the third time to decide on the early completion of the season

The meeting of the General Assembly of the Belgian League, which was to take place on May 4, was postponed. Now the vote on determining the fate of the 2019/20 season is scheduled for May 15. The reason – the National Security Council of Belgium has not yet determined how to hold sporting events in the country

Recall that the League of упupile leadership was the first in Europe to decide to end the season, but was awaiting General Assembly approval. Initially, the meeting would take place on April 15, then on 24, and later on May 4.

If the Belgian Championship is not resumed and the tournament table is formed based on the results of 29 rounds, played before a forced break, Bruges will receive Eduard Sobol gold medals and Ghent Yaremchuk, Bezus and Plastun will receive a ticket for the Champions League qualification .

By the way, two European championships have already been officially completed – in France and the Netherlands

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