Basketball bets

Basketball is a well-known ball game in which two teams try to score points by basket throwing. Mainly through the USA, basketball became one of the world’s most famous ball games. In 1891, the physician and educator James Naismith invented this sport in Springfield to teach his students the possibility of physical exercise without exposing them to a major risk of injury.

Basketball is still played in the universities of the USA and many famous professional players found their beginnings at the colleges.

Even the female sex is enthusiastic about basketball and formed professional teams. It is usually played in a hall and thrown onto a basket attached to a board exactly 3.05 meters high. Over the years, the World Basketball Federation (FIBA) and several basketball leagues emerged. One of the best known today is the American NBA. Of course there are many different basketball federations worldwide. Of course, you can bet on any kind of basketball game around the world, at the sportsbook Betsson.

The rules are simple: Two teams of 5 players each and 7 substitute players try to score as many basket hits as possible. It is played with a ball that weighs about 650 grams and is made of leather or synthetic. A successful hit from the game counts 3 points. A basket hit from a distance is awarded 2 points. In case of a hit after the free play the team gets 1 point. It wins the team, which has reached the highest score in the end. If the game draws, a 5-minute extension is played, repeated until there is a winner.

The better known this sport became, the more professional it became. The sports clubs in the US and Europe are now paying enormous sums for players and coaches. Both the transfer fee, as well as the annual income, is in no way inferior to the German football player. In Germany, however, the basketball players can only dream of these possibilities. Although players have made it to us to rise to the top leagues of the United States and to gain world fame.

Since this sport has developed so strongly, basketball today belongs to the fixed betting offer of every bookmaker or betting shop. You can bet on the most diverse games, tournaments or even on the result of a game. One can bet on, for example, the games of the colleges in the USA, or the well-known US League NBA. But bookmakers also offer bets on the German Bundesliga BBL.

When betting in sports basketball, it should be noted that a minimum playing time must be respected! Most of the time including the extra time. The minimum playing time is always above the 40 minutes range. If, for any reason whatsoever, the game has to be stopped earlier, all completed bets will be void. The wager will be refunded in this case. The situation is similar for the two teams. Again, all bets on the game are void and the wagers are returned. Unlike other sports, in basketball you can simply bet on whether the outcome of the game is above or below a set score. However, if the result reaches exactly this set number of points, all bets must be declared void and the wager refunded. It is important to mention that the venue and the season must always be planned. Otherwise the bet will not be counted here!

Many bookmakers and bookmakers offer special bets, but you should inquire here, since the rules are very different. For some years now it is also possible to play in live betting in Germany. This is very exciting and promises high payouts in the event of a win. But as always in the game, then unfortunately the losses are just as high. It should also be remembered that the night will of course be the main season for the leagues and leagues in live betting, because of course the US has this big time difference. Online Basketball Betting.