American Football Betting

American football is almost a national sport in America. But not only the Americans are so excited about their sport – also in Germany, American Football has become a popular sport. The physical contact of the players in this sport has a much higher priority than in normal football. But what exactly is American football? American Football is an American ball sport that – as the name implies – comes from the USA. Football is a team sport that combines tactics and physical strength. Two teams are playing against each other.

Each team consists of 11 players. The special thing about the ball is that it actually has the shape of a giant egg. The goal is to catapult the ball into the opponent’s end zone, either by throwing or by carrying the ball through the opposing ranks. The attacking team (The Offense) thus tries to gain space by throwing or racing to achieve a touchdown or field goal in the field of the opponent. The other team (Defense), so the team, which is then in the defense, this tries to prevent of course. If she succeeds, she will take possession of herself and change from defensive to attack. But the attacks are limited. The offense has only four attempts in a row to achieve a gain of at least 10 yards. If she does not succeed, the right to attack automatically changes to the opponent. Now the defending team has managed to rout the attackers. If the ball-bearing player is tackled in this zone, the team can make valuable points with Safties. The winner of the game is the team that has scored the most points in the end.

In Germany, the AFVD is the umbrella organization of German American football. It is thanks to this association that the sport has developed into a dynamic sport, which is experiencing more and more enthusiasm and inflow, also in the clubs. It has managed to establish itself as a stable and above all recognized component of German organizations in the sports world. The association was founded in 1982 and has approximately 31,500 members as of 01/01/2007.

The fact that bets can be made on football is well known. The numbers of football totos are announced every weekend. But you can also make bets on American football. However, the possibilities are not limited to the final result. So there are not just spread or total score bets, and that is even more differentiated between the two halves or even every quarter. For example, you can also bet as the result of the first attack. And here there are several betting opportunities again. You bet on the point, the score or any other result. The beginning of the attack is defined by the first down and it is over when the attacking team either scores, loses the ball and does not recapture it during the opponent’s turn. Of course, long-term bets are also possible, for example, the winner of a particular league.

Of course, bets can be made in relevant betting shops, but especially on the internet. The offer is now so versatile that it is advisable to first get an overview of the numerous betting opportunities. Mostly, these online betting shops do not just offer football or American football betting, but most of the sports are covered with betting opportunities. It is clear that American football not only creates excitement and excitement on the field, but can also bring the betting shops to a boil.